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IT security is a crucial component in applications related to access, security, and identity management.

Cyber-proof security systems

Security systems are increasingly becoming targets of cyberattacks. The vulnerability of these systems results in risks ranging from privacy breaches to operational shutdowns, prevalent in almost all industries. How can organisations mitigate these risks?


  • Assurance that we meet established security criteria to protect systems against unauthorised access.
  • Our services are provided by an ISO-certified data centre.
  • Nsecure holds the SOC 2 Type II certification, an independent guarantee that everything is regulated according to the highest standards.
Our vision

Always in control

Having our IT services well-established, cybersecurity in place, and maintaining compliance with privacy regulations (AVG) are of great importance for our company and the future of our clients. With our certifications, we demonstrate that we execute the protection and processing of personal data at the highest level.

Hackers target vulnerable points in your network. To prevent risks from arising, we continuously monitor points in your network and our solutions 24/7. This ongoing process ensures that the time between identifying possible vulnerabilities and addressing them is very short. This approach is unique within our sector.


Nsecure holds the SOC 2 Type II Assurance certification, a rarity within the access & security industry. This means that the data processed by Nsecure as an IT security service provider is more secure than ever.

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