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With our IT-first approach, our services in access, security, and identity are more secure than ever.

Our IT-first approach

Since 2008, Nsecure has been actively involved in the cloud and takes the responsibility of thoroughly examining the systems and solutions implemented for our clients, from hardware to complete IT infrastructure. To ensure that systems are always up-to-date and meet security and compliance requirements, Nsecure provides various supporting IT services. Our practical experience and technical expertise play a crucial role in this process.

Key aspects of our IT-first approach

  • Fully redundant and compliant with the highest IT security and privacy standards.
  • Reducing the CO2 footprint through the use of virtual servers in large data centres.
  • Always up-to-date with the latest features and software updates.
  • Location-independent: your security systems can be deployed worldwide.
  • Cost-saving on your IT resources; our specialists relieve your organisation.
Our approach

Infrastructure & cloud

Nsecure ensures the availability, continuity, and security of your IT infrastructure. The security applications are installed and managed in an ISO 27001 – certified data centre. Nsecure manages the operating system, performs preventive checks, and installs necessary updates and patches. Additionally, Nsecure monitors the systems 24/7 and provides regular reports through service reviews.


As our cloud services for access and security scale entirely with your requirements, there is never a need to replace servers. From a sustainability perspective, this has become an increasingly important aspect.


Nsecure offers hosting services. The outsourcing of an essential function like security often raises concerns, which is why we dedicate considerable effort to the quality of our hosting environment and information security. We undergo external audits annually to maintain that trust.


Besides our hosting services, it is also possible to install security systems on your own provided IT infrastructure (on-premise or in the cloud). In this scenario, Nsecure can offer necessary remote support via a VPN connection in case of disruptions.

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